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Metal Banding


Blue Groovy Banding

Our metal banding is a great addition to any table, counter top, or bar. We can custom build you table or counter top in any of these great retro banding.

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These are used for our custom tables and counter tops. You can choose from whichever you think will look best on your furniture. Individually, this banding is not available to the general public but if you are a customer and need this banding to match your items, we will make it available to you.

Dear Customer:

Our banding is custom made for us. Unlike some banding, we add two extra steps to the process: We require our banding to be polished and then have an anodized clear coat electro-plated to it, sealing the banding against oxidation and making it more scratch resistant. As you might expect from the manufacturing process, there can be very tiny flaws in the surface even after polishing. Once anodized, these imperfections are part of the metal, and cannot be polished any further. Restaurants and home owners around the world have enjoyed this product for years,and we are sure you will also. Thank you for your confidence. 

Give Us A Call At 1-800-507-7632 For Pricing Information.

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Your order may be expedited for a guaranteed next day shipment for an additional fee.

Give us a call or send an email for pricing information. One of our retro specialists will be more than happy to assist you.


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