We were asked to create a display featuring two of our restored Vintage Coca Cola machines along with step-by-step pictures of their restoration process at the 2016 Coca Cola International Collectors Convention held in Reston, VA from July 4 through the 8, 2016. Pictured below are the two machines that were featured. Most people were amazed at what went into restoring these machines and commented on the quality of work! We had several people mention that having machines restored by other companies and then to compare to what we do, it was like they had purchased a “reconditioned” machine instead of the Nut and Bolts restoration that we are known for. Now they have a better understanding of why we have a 6 to 9 month backlog of machines!

V81D---Coke-Convention---FINAL-IMAGE-FRONT-VIEWAt the show, we also explained the three ways customers can purchase our machines:

1. Purchase one off our floor should there be one.

2. Select the model you want, place your order today with a deposit of 1/3, and receive the next available machine in 6 to 9 months.

3. Place your order today for the model you want, make a deposit of 1/3 and then spread the balance over a selected number of months (up to 3 years)! This is our Future Delivery Plan.

Cav-72---Coke-Convention---FINAL-IMAGE-FRONT-VIEWMany people were surprised that we only restored machines one way, whether it was one we are restoring for resale or the Customer’s Own Machine sent to us for restoration. A lot of people mentioned that they had never seen companies give written warranties or a book showing the machine being restored like the ones they saw at our Exhibit.

Our display accomplished our goal of educating club members on the differences between a top quality restoration and other restorations in the marketplace that have cost them just as much!

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