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Institutional Customers


We Love Working with Our Institutional Customers!

Over the years, we have had the good fortune to work with many churches, schools, universities, boys and girls clubs, retirement homes, and others within the institutional community. We have just recently started to accumulate photos to share with you. This page is dedicated to those wonderful customers, not only to show off our products but also as a service to our institutional customers to provide you with additional information concerning the services they provide.

Don’t forget, we ship worldwide using the most reputable shipping companies available.

Click on each picture for access to their business information page. If you are one of our institutional customers and would like to take advantage of our offer to build a web page for you, simply email photos of your room, restaurant, or trade show booth to webmaster. Your information will be added to our Customer Page as soon possible. If you have any questions, call 304-728-0547


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We have customers all over the world!

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