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BarsandBooths Future Delivery Plan Future Delivery PlanAs with most items we restore, our soda machines are usually sold before we can start on them since we are always working with a six to nine month backlog. If we are not the best, there is certainly no one better. Every machine we restore comes with a brand new custom built (looks like old) refrigeration system and a two-year warranty.

They say that every dark cloud has a silver lining. Since our customers have to wait to receive one of our machines, we discovered that there is actually a silver lining as a result of the wait!

When people are gifted with one of our machines, we discovered that they are appreciated much more since their anticipation builds over the restoration period as we keep them informed via update pictures. This, in turn, elicits a personal involvement and acknowledgement that this machine is being restored…just for them.

Purchasing at today’s price with a 1/3 deposit provides one more advantage by spreading the cost out over the next 6 to 9 months as the machine is under restoration. You simply can’t lose!

This Is How Our Plan Works

First, select the machine you want.

We will send you a booklet showing that machine along with an explanation of how we will be restoring it for the person receiving the gift (maybe you are even gifting yourself)! This booklet is presented to them on the day of their special event.

As we move through the restoration process, we will email progress pictures of their machine, thus getting them involved with their restoration. The first set of pictures will be emailed once we have completely disassembled the machine. They will quickly see how many parts are involved in this process! Six to eight weeks later we will provide another set of pictures showing all components after they have been powder coated or chrome plated. The third set of pictures will be sent once the body work is started on the machine. The fourth set will be sent when the machine has been painted and reassembly has commenced. A final set will be sent when it is ready to ship.

We then assemble all of the pictures, along with a picture of the recipient and include them in the first chapter of the Operator’s Manual we provide with the machine. This creates a permanent historical record of their machine’s restoration!


Cavalier 72 — $8,995

  • Deposit of $2,998 secures a position on our restoration schedule.
  • Progress payment of $2,998 will be due when the third set of pictures are released.
  • Final payment of $2,999 is due when machine is ready to be picked up, or shipped.
  • If shipping is required, fully insured first floor inside delivery with removal of packing materials will run $550 and can be added to the final payment (other shipping options available).

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