Have you ever wondered what actually goes into a restoration project?  Many years ago I remember thinking, “how hard could this be?” and it wasn’t until we started looking around that we realized how many shortcuts these restoration “experts” were actually taking!  We believe in doing things right the first time, which means breaking an entire machine down to its bare bones and starting at the beginning. Our customers deserve no less than perfection. 

This is a short pictorial of the process we use on every single machine that enters our facilities. We have been doing things this way, the same way, for many years, and it works!

Machines arrive to us in a variety of conditions. Some better than others. We start by dismantling the entire machine down to its skeleton.  

All parts are then brought down to their original metal. 

Then the parts are chromed or painted and the electrical systems are all redone.


Once this is all completed, we can start to rebuild the machine and breath life back into it!

The best part about our restorations is you, as the customer, get to see step by step images of your machine being restored!  We even put them into a binder to send home with you! We don’t keep secrets or hide anything about our restoration. 

What you see is what you get!  Currently, we have a number of machines that are being restored and will be available for sale!  Get ’em now or contact us to have your own machines restored! Show us what you got by emailing us photos of your gas pumps and we will give you an honest opinion!  Give us a call at 800-507-7632 and someone in customer service will be glad to help you! You can also email us at contact us


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