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Northstar Refrigerators

Northstar Model 1949 Northstar Model 1950Northstar Refrigerator Model 1951

Model 1949


Model 1950


Model 1951


 Northstar Refrigerator Model 1952Northstar Refrigerator Model 1958 / 1959 

Model 1952


Model 1958 / 1959

$5,595.00 / $5,795.00


Northstar Refrigerator

Wherever you put a Northstar Refrigerator, you can be sure it will be the coolest appliance you will ever own! Northstar is always on the forefront of customers’ wants and needs, as evidenced by one of their newest product, the fabulous double door fridge.  Still Retro, and Elmira ensures that Retro meets modern needs with the latest technology!

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