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The Starlighter Booth Set Has Rocketed into ORBIT!

Oct 29, 2016 | Blog

All we can say is WOW!  When we introduced the new Starlighter Booth set last week, we never imagined the out of this world response we were going to get!  Orders have been flying in and we are so pleased that it has met with such an amazing response!  The 25% discount is still available on this set and with the coupon code sent in the newsletter, you are saving an AMAZING $580.!!

Starlighter Booth Set which includes:bb-pink-table

(2) 44” Diner Benches (44”L x 36”H x 24”D)

(1) 24”x42” Table with 1 ¼” real metal banding

(available in multiple laminate colors)

(1) B-22×30 Classic Chrome Column Base

Right now, you can own this amazing group, not at the list price of $1977 but at a 25% introductory discounted price of $1477.!!  AND, if you are signed up for our Newsletter,  enter the special code contained there for an additional 5% discount bringing this stunning set down to an incredible Introductory Price of only $1397. bb-starlighter-bench

There is still a little time left to order your set at the discount price but it won’t be lasting much longer.  Call us, hit us up via the online chat on the website, or email us!

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