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Restored Jukeboxes

All Of Our Restored Jukeboxes Are Done To Grade One!

Shown below are original restored jukeboxes that we have been redone to Grade One condition. We have chosen to restore only four models, based upon their individual beauty as well as their popularity in the marketplace. Our four chosen models are among the most collectable jukeboxes in the market today and exhibit that classic retro look. All play records and have the great retro sound that you just cant reproduce with anything else.

Seeburg-C-Jukebox_mainpic Wurlitzer-1015-Jukebox-Front_mainpic Seeburg-G-Jukebox_mainpic Seeburg-R-Jukebox-Restored_mainpic

1952 Restored Seeburg C Jukebox

1946 Wurlitzer 1015 Jukebox Bubbler

1953 Restored Seeburg G Jukebox

1954 Restored Seeburg R Jukebox

If you have any questions about our jukebox restorations give us a call. One of our retro specialist will be more than happy to help you.