Diner Booth Sets


We Offer An Almost Limitless Selection Of Diner Booth Sets That Can Be Ordered In Your Choice Of Color And Size.

All of our diner booth sets include a heavy duty table, with real metal banding and a chrome column base. Each traditional diner booth model can be ordered in circle configurations – 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 – or “L” shapes. To place an order or get detailed pricing information, send us an email or give us a call at 1-800-507-7632. Be sure to CLICK on the image for more detail! All traditional Diner Booths, “L” Shapes and Circles are now available with a Hinged Seat and Storage Compartment option! Everyone loves our newest feature. Be sure to ask about Hinged Seat Storage when you order.


American L Shaped Econo Booth drive-in-diner-booth soda-fountain-diner-booth

American Econo Diner Booth Series

Drive In Diner Booth Set

Soda Fountain Booth Set

Corner Drug Store Booth TCB Diner Booth big-bopper-diner-booth

Corner Drug Store Booth

TCB Diner Booth Set

Big Bopper Booth Set

cruiser-diner-booth Deco Diner Booth Beverly Hills Diner Booth

Cruiser Diner Booth Set

Deco Diner Booth Set

Beverly Hills Diner Booth

miami-deco-diner-booth vegas-diner-booth circular-modular-diner-booth

Miami Deco Diner Booth

Vegas Diner Booth Set

Modular Circle Booth Set

art-deco-diner-booth Econo Diner Booth settee-diner-booth

Art Deco Diner Booth

Econo Diner Booth Set

Settee Wall Bench


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