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The Table That Grows With Your Family

Whether it is round, oval, square, or rectangle, we can make the perfect leaf table for you! Call or email with your preferences and we will build it for you!

Special Sets

Buy a 1-Leaf Table and receive 4 free C1 Chairs (Upcharge for other models)

  • Dimensions: 36”x48”x60” (Table leaf is 12″ wide)
  • Any Laminate
  • Any Banding

Buy a 2-Leaf Table and receive 6 FREE C1 CHAIRS (Upcharge for other models)

  • Dimensions: 36”x48”x60”x72” (Table leaf is 12″ wide)
  • Any Laminate
  • Any Bandingg

Our custom retro leaf tables can be ordered in a variety of sizes and colors.  Standard table sizes are 30″x48″ or 36″x48″.  Each leaf is 12″ in width.  Example:  A 36×48 table top can become 36x48x60x72 (or even longer if you wish a third leaf).  Option to increase width to 42″ is also available.  Give us a call at 304-728-0547 to place your order today!

Vinyl Options





Cracked Ice

Laminate Options



Cracked Ice


Standard Banding

Groovy Insert banding

Accent Banding



Series A

Series B

Series C

Series D

Retro Legs


Leaf table examples.

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