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Company History

About 35 ago, I found that I was working 16-18 hours a day, 6-7 days each week, and even when not at “work”, my mind was still there. There was no way I could take the time to go to the Bahamas, or Cancun, much fewer places of further distance, where I could totally relax.

Then I discovered what I call the “Back In Time Vacation”. On a cold and wet January evening while having dinner in a restaurant decorated with old memorabilia, a song (Hello Stranger) came on the jukebox. All of a sudden, I was transported to Atlantic Beach, North Carolina, at the Pavilion. It was the summer of 1963 — no deadlines, no pressures. For a while, I was on vacation. The combination of decoration and music enabled me to travel “Back In Time” and I relaxed for the first time in years!

Over the next few months, I transformed my back porch into my very own “Back In Time” vacation place. I purchased a jukebox, some diner booths, an old Coke machine, and a few advertising signs. Gradually, it became easier to “travel” — a couple of songs on the jukebox, a beverage (my Coke machine has beer!!) and my mind was on vacation. As I enjoyed my back porch more and more, I started to entertain at home more frequently. I learned that by selecting records my guests would remember from their teens, I could take them “Back In Time” too!

So this is how BARS and BOOTHS.com, our business, evolved. Helping others recreate their own “Back In Time” vacation place! We opened our first shop in 1989 as a hobby. We rented a booth in an antique mall — by 1994, our shop had grown to where we had a third of the Antique Mall’s space, and we still were running out of space. Our business had a life of its own.

We own and operate a business dedicated to design and builds custom bars. Back bars, credenzas retro tables and leaf tables and furniture for customers all over the world, we have our own upholstery division for our booths, and our custom booth designs. For the past nineteen years, we have been operating on the World Wide Web 7 days a week, 24 hours a day……We’ve grown and flourished, and today our loyal customers are found in all 50 states and 40 foreign countries.

Made in the USA is a powerful tool, and we are happy to say that our focus is on providing quality products, all made in the USA, selling to customers all over the world!  Thank you for your support and thank you for your business over the past 35 years.

Commendation for International Market Entry

BarsandBooths is honored to have received the West Virginia Governor’s Commendation for International Market Entry. We are fortunate in that we have established customers in many countries over the past 35 years, however, this award was based upon countries we exported to during the past year. We received four awards for four countries – Australia, Angola, Canada, France. Our international clientele is a strong force within BarsandBooths, and we thank each customer in each country for their new and continuing business.

As Governor Tomblin states, “Their ongoing success demonstrates West Virginia businesses and their employees can compete – and succeed – in the global marketplace

You can view the press release on Governer Tomblin’s website.

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