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Made in USA Retro Furniture
The Bars and Booths staff has been trained to answer any questions you may have, and will provide one-on-one assistance as you design and furnish your perfect room. Our team is handpicked to provide the highest level of Customer Service to our wonderful customers. We are proud of what we sell and proud to be made in the USA. We can’t forget our fabulous web developement team, Qtonix, who heads up team of designers, social media experts and graphic artists who make beautiful things happen on our site. Qtonix also Candles all our social media, marketing and advertising, and ensures that Bars and Booths and all our satellite operations get full press in the media.
Our Custom Furniture division is owned by Mark Poffinberger, And was established to accommodate our most discerning customers’ wants and needs. Under this umbrella, we design and build all of our Bars, Back Bars, Credenzas, Cabinets, Tables, and anything else our customen may request. All furniture is built to the highest standards and done by hand so most are one of a kind! As we say, our customers are our designers and our staff can bring their dreams to life.
Upholstery Excellence is also owned by Mark Poffinberger. His staff designs and builds most of our custom Booths as well as BarsandBooths’ exclusive lines, the Kemp, the Art Deco, Cruiser, Starlighter and others. When a customer needs a special Booth with custom requirements, Mark and his experienced staff handle this phase of our production.

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