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Kiddie Rides

Bring The Thrill Of Amusement Park Rides To Your Home!

There’s a kid in all of us! Below you will find our selection of our kiddie rides that have brought pleasure to young and old alike. You might have a very special “young person” who would love one of these! Take a look at our collection of restored original kiddie rides below pick out the one you like and email or call us for pricing information.


Give Us A Call At 1-800-507-7632 For In Stock Items, Pricing And Shipping Information.


 Champion Horse Kiddie Ride  Sandy Horse Kiddie RIde  Rudolph "Rudy"

Champion Horse Kiddie Ride
Restored Coin Operated

Sandy Horse Kiddie Ride
Restored Coin Operated

Rudolph “Rudy” Red Nose Reindeer Ride
Restored Coin Operated

 Superman Kiddie Ride  batmobile_kiddie_ride  Dumbo Ride

Superman Kiddie Ride
Coin Operated

Batmobile Ride
Restored Coin Operated

Dumbo Ride Restored
Coin Operated

 Indian Scout Razorback Kiddie Ride elephant_ride_clip

Indian Scout Ride 1950
Restored Coin Operated


Razorback Pig Ride
Restored Coin Operated


Elephant Kiddie Ride Restored
Coin Operated

Puff the Magin Dragon
 Red Pig Ride  

Puff Magic Dragon Ride
Coin Operated

Red Pig Kiddie Ride
Coin Operated

Red Car Kiddie Ride
Coin Operated


CALL 1-800-507-7632
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