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We were glad to help Barry revive a sentimental retro kitchen dinette passed down by “grandma”….a small role in keeping the family’s memories intact! Check out our C1-HBMBWF retro chairs upholstered in Yellow Cracked Ice with Chalk Inserts and Piping…used in updating Grandma’s retro dinette set. Thanks for sharing this beautiful message with us Barry!

“Hi, Nicole and Liz!

My grandmother bought a kitchen set, probably in the 1950s. She lived in Meriden, Conn., the community in which I grew up. The set had a yellow table and four yellow chairs. She had the four chairs re‑covered in the 1970s, I think, at which time they became brown. She gave me the kitchen set when I left Connecticut in 1986. The chairs have been coming apart, so I purchased six new chairs from you.

Pictures of the table with the brown chairs and with the new yellow chairs appear in a before-and-after format on a Web page at this URL address:

The chairs arrived on Friday. They are really beautiful, and I am impressed with the construction. Thank you for helping me to obtain them… Barry

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