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Check Out our Victor Coolers!

Are you always running out of cold drinks for your guests? Ever wonder if there was some really cool way to have enough for everyone all the time?  A Victor Cooler is the answer! Now that we are all recovering from...

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Buyer Beware – Not all Restorations are the same!

As Christmas draws closer, the restoration scammers are coming out of the woodwork so please be cautious.  It is alarming the number of calls and emails we are receiving from people who trusted that their machine restorations were in good...

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Starlighter Diner Booth Set -Brand New Design!

Bars and Booths does it again!  This “out of this world” new booth design is sure to put the sparkle in your eyes!  Be the first to own a Starlighter Diner Booth Set which includes: (2) 44” Diner Benches (44”L...

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Restoration – Points to Consider

I am sure that you have discovered pricing all over the board because “restored“ has many different meanings to some people. Below is a chart we created several years ago to help explain the differences. First, let me say that...

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