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Elephant Kiddie Ride Restored

This Elephant Kiddie Ride is sure to get many more decades of use after its restoration.  All of our kiddie rides are restored to better than new condition.

To get more information on our restoration services check out barsandbooths.com.

You Never Have To Read Our Fine Print To Learn What We Do To Our Machines! We Only Do Them One Way And One Way Every Time!

Over the years we have had a number of people copy our efforts and attempt to duplicate what we do. We appreciate the compliment, and it reinforces our belief that we are the yardstick others use to compare. However, we do not want customers to be misled into thinking they are getting the same product or products that we are known for producing and standing behind. For this reason, we have created this simple guide to help you compare restorations.

Please read their fine print since most companies restore each machine a little differently, doing only what they feel is necessary to get the machine out the door.