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While not officially open, our client was kind enough to send these preliminary photos of their exciting  new Diner and Club, “Grease” which is opening very shortly in Kyoto City, Japan.  This place is fabulous!  Great lighting adds to the cozy, relaxing and comfortable atmosphere!

I have personally worked with two incredible customers in Japan.  I don’t know if it’s the water over there, or relaxing island life, but both clients from this beautiful country have been delightful!  As a result, it is gratifying to see all their hard work lead into a beautiful establishment, and even more satisfying to see our diner furniture on display! Thank you so much Yuji for providing these images.  Thank you for your business.  We wish you much success!  Let me share the kind words offered by Yuji related to this project:

“Hi Barbara, We were surely satisfied your product. The products were such a key factor in standing out the feeling of a good old-fashioned 50’s American style for the bar.

I know that a time frame for all the work is very critical issue in any of businesses. When my boss told me to arrange the work within approximately two months, I told him that it would be impossible because I have been arranging all kind of shipments to Japan for him and at least I have had bad experiences time to time…

However as working with you, I was also very satisfied for your responding in a timely manner, precise estimation of lead-time, and flawless follow-up emails. Thus we made the project on time for the opening party without any major issues.

There were so many special decorated flowers came in from my boss’s friends and his business associates for the opening party and we had a Shinto priest (in white traditional Kimono outfit) for doing ritual of prosperous business which is very common traditional ceremonies for any businesses in Japan.

You and your family or any of your associates are certainly very welcome to our bar any time you wish to come and visit. As you might have known, Kyoto city is such a beautiful city and the most popular place to enjoy for tourists therefore there are always a lot of people from all over the world come to my hometown Kyoto. Please look us up when you are in Kyoto.

I will still send you some pictures when I get the official ones.  Thanks again, Yuji”