HD Diner – Châtelet, Paris, France

Dec 14, 2012 | Commercial Customers

Visit the HD Diner – Châtelet, Paris, France!

The third location for this explosive new retro diner chain, the HD Diner – Châtelet offers American diner fare in a “Back to the Fifties” setting!  The bright colors, jukebox, vintage objects and rock’n’roll music and fun atmosphere bring you into the heart of the 1950s American-style.  If you think retro is popular here where it evolved, then you haven’t been to Paris.  Parisians have embraced this era, the music, the dress, the food.  You name it, you’ll find it at HD Diner – Chatelet, Paris, France.

HD Diner, Châtelet

HD Diner, Châtelet France

    HD Diner Locations:



    Hotel de Ville




    St. Michel

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