HD Diner – Saint Michel, Paris, France

Dec 14, 2012 | Commercial Customers

Visit the HD Diner in Saint Michel, Paris, France! HD Diner offers American cuisine in a “Back to the Fifties” setting.  Enjoy the homemade burgers and delicious milkshakes. American-food-lovers will surely want to try the giant hot dog! And, for night owls, the diner is open until midnight!  BARSandBOOTHS has a very special attachment to the St. Michel location since it was our very first collaborative effort in creating this exciting new diner chain in France.  In a very short two years, this chain has exploded to 7 locations!  Five more coming in 2013.  There are some gorgeous sites to visit when in Paris, but be sure to take time to see how the French celebrate the Fifties at the HD Diners. HD Diner St Michel France entrance

HD Diner Saint Michel • 25 rue Francisque Gay 75006 • Paris

HD Diner Locations: Biarritz Chatalet Hotel de Ville Levallois Lille Opera St. Michel

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