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Lifeway Baptist Church - Soul CafeWe have worked with many churches, youth centers,  college diners, and senior living homes over the years.  Recently we were chosen to work with Pastor Glen Moore of the Lifeway Baptist Church in Cuero, TX, as he created the “Soul Cafe” within their church.

Pastor Moore started this project by asking for an estimate for his “Dream”,  but unfortunately the church did not have the money at that time for this very large “Dream”.   All of the money for the project was donated and acquired by many fund raising events.    It only took the church six months to get all the funds!  Don’t forget to always DREAM BIG!

Pastor Glen let our design experts run the show from the basics of color selection extending to detailed floor plan layouts and design of the custom pieces…working with our exclusive custom builder (Dad’s Furniture) to achieve the final designs.  Our client trusted us with our opinions and guidance…and the Soul Cafe turned out GREAT!  This Soul Cafe now provides the perfect setting for Lifeway Baptist Church’s varied social functions.

As a result of the scope of this very large project, the church qualified for a huge discount!  We are always thinking of our client’s budget, and finding ways to give them the best, for the best price.  Thank you Pastor Moore for choosing BARSandBOOTHS for the Soul Cafe!