Lilliput Play Homes Child Diner Booth: Finleyville, PA

Jun 13, 2012 | Commercial Customers

Lilliput Play Homes: Finleyville, PA

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Check out the cutest thing since baby puppies—our exclusive Child’s Booth.  Your kids will feel like Big People when they sit down in this set, constructed of the same high quality materials used in our full size models.  Good for eating in, coloring on, or hosting tea parties, this booth is sure to be a smash hit with kids of all ages.

BARSandBOOTHS has offered our child sized diner booth sets for several years now. It was a surprise to find that our child’s booths are as vital to another company, Lilliput Play Homes of Finleyville, PA, as it is to ours. Together, our combination of products creates magical settings for children to explore their imagination. Our diner booth sets are featured in the play home called “Mickey’s Diner” located in Disney World. It allows children to have the experience of running their own retro 24 hour diner and learning life skills all while having the time of their lives!

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