What a fabulous retro kitchen design! Thanks to Mike and Wesley for providing pictures of their finished Retro kitchen / diner. The diner features our exclusive design, the 72” Art Deco diner bench. This set was upholstered in American Beauty (Red) and Chalk (White) insert “V” and Piping. It’s complemented by our 36″ x 72″ Custom Cut Art Deco Table laminated in Red Glacier Boomerang with 2 1/4″ real metal banding, enhanced with red and black pin striping. Mike and Wesley have designed their retro kitchen beautifully. The wall mural makes this room even more special! We certainly have some very talented customers. Great job! Thanks so much for sharing your retro kitchen with us.



Consider Your Own Retro Kitchen

If you are considering remodeling your kitchen or perhaps adding a few new pieces, we hope you’ll consider a retro-style kitchen! We can help you design your kitchen with custom retro bars, retro counters and kitchen cabinetry, diner booths, tables, seating, appliances, and retro kitchen accessories.   Browse through our website to see what our many customers have designed. We think you’ll be inspired to start planning your own retro kitchen and we are here to help you make it happen!


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