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mtvcribsMTV Cribs has just completed filming the Williams’ Home Gameroom in Leesburg… look for the show in the next month or two! Here are our customer’s very kind words about BarsandBooths:

“Barb, The MTV Teen Cribs crew were out here this past Saturday filming Cody and his friends. He and I both mentioned “Bars and Booths” several times and I even told them that I wanted you all plugged at least once if not more. This was such a bigger deal than the “Al Roker” filming that you wouldn’t believe it. They will let me know as soon as it is going to air. Said it would probably be November or February. They may only give me a week notice before it does air.

Thank you so much for sending me the information and thinking of “US”. We love our basement, booths and bar area. We couldn’t have been enjoying it this much if it wasn’t for you!

Thanks and I hope business is good for you all. See you soon. Sandy”

Click here to view the show’s website.