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banner Queens DinerHere’s the first one of an exciting new chain of diner restaurants opening in Alberta, Canada. Made by “Prairie City Diners”, this is a Shaw International and Medallion Structures joint venture. Each restaurant will have a different name, and this first one will be called “Queen’s Diner”, named after the business park in which it is located. According to owners Scott Shaw of Shaw International and Jim Landin, of Medallion Structures, plans for the first 10 diners are already underway! Interest in this new product is high, so the sky is the limit! Built from the ground up, the diner itself has been patterned after the 1940-1950 silk city diners with round corners and roof lines.

All the pictures you see here are from the actual building site. The diner will be moved to its home in a couple weeks! Then the neon signs and landscape will be the finishing touches!

Not all within this new chain will be diners. Some are bar cars and some ice-cream shops, but they are all in the diner style! What is so great about this new diner is that it is easy to move, they are built solid and can be moved anywhere. This first one shown below was moved from Medallion’s Shop 50 miles from Red Deer, using nothing more than a bed truck and trailer. Scott and Jim wanted to build a good product, and the result is that the diners have turned out better than they could have imagined! If you’re in the market for a “real Diner” restaurant that is easy to move and is also turn key, look no further! They can even be sent to other countries around the world!

Queen’s Diner
Joint Venture
Shaw International And Medallion Structures
Red Deer County – Alberta Canada


Queens Diner Alberta Canada

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