Route 66 Pizza Bar-Diner Decor by

Route 66 Pizza Bar

From the beginning to the end of this Retro Diner project… working with Bernard has been a real pleasure. I don’t speak French, and Bernard (or as he calls himself, Jukebox Baby) speaks “a little” English, but our combined energy has resulted in this fabulous new venture in Bastia, Corsica, France called Route 66 Pasta Bar. Starting with the logo we designed for the project, all the way to the color scheme, custom outdoor logo seating, our ever popular TCB Booth designs, 50’s CD’s for the RockOla and on and on… as you can tell from all the images shared with us, it’s already a popular destination site and perhaps a “biker” favorite.

Merci, merci a’ vous, Bernard, for the opportunity you have given to BARSandBOOTHS. We enjoyed every minute of working with you.

Route 66 Pasta Bar - Diner Decor by


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