Sanny’s Bar

Mar 15, 2018 | Residential Customers

“Sanny’s Bar” by Kelly

Kelmscott, Perth Western, Australia


Take a look at Kelly’s retro room created from our best selling “Robert’s Bar” with matching TCB Booth, pub, and café tables. All upholstered in Burgundy (Red) Zodiac with contrasting “V” and Piping in Silver Zodiac. A winning combination every time! Thanks for sharing these fabulous images, Kelly. We can’t wait until you get everything all set up and ready for your first party! Now a message straight from our customer….WE LOVE THE CHAIRS AND BARSTOOLS!!! Thank you so much! I attached our kitchen pics.  Completely in love with our little piece of the USA in Oz.  Sannys Bar was designed by the 3 of us – Supa Sanny-Sandra Ingraham (my mum), Bryan Hall (my hubby), and me.  You guys are the best.  Thanks again, Kelly and Sandra Ingraham

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