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Location: Schleswig, Germany
Reference: #14801

Hi Barbara,

Attached you’ll find some photos of the Cavalier 72 together with myself which I have promised you a long time ago. I have to apologize that you had to wait for such a long time. On the other side I hope you’re happy to see them finally. The photos were taken in my living room and by looking at this wall I always have the impression that I am somewhere in the States… Feel free to publish them on your website if you want to. I am living close to the city of Schleswig in the far North of Germany. Schleswig is usually known by other Germans.

A few months ago I had the chance to buy the Wurlitzer OMT Jukebox which is depicted on the photos from another German. He bought it brand new in 2006. Now, with both the Wurlitzer and the Cavalier, I have fulfilled my dream by owing both of them.

I hope you’re doing well! I want to wish you and everybody in Bars & Booths an enjoyable Thanks Giving with your family and friends. Maybe one day I have a chance to visit your store when I’ll be in the US next time.

All the best and once more, Thanks for all your help!