image5We’ve been looking at a couple of jukeboxes lately, and many people who are interested in machines for their recreation room designs have no idea how they work. So here is a set of instructions for loading records into a classic Seeburg 100 Select-O-Matic.  Loading Instructions provided by

Record & Title Strip

To begin loading the records on the left side of the record rack…with the jukebox on, push the letter “K” and Number 9 at the same time to select K-9.

Note:   You must have both the letter and the number down at the same time in order for the record to play.

The carriage should move to the right side of the record rack and stop at K-9.  You should turn the jukebox off until you have loaded as many records as you can in this position.  Across the top of the record rack (see Figure 1) are letters and odd numbers from A-1 thru K-9.  The hit side of the record, or your favorite side will face left.

Note:  If you have preprinted title strips, the top SONG on the title strip will face left in the record rack, and will be the odd numbered selection.
Title Strip Loading

image2There are two latches that hold the title strip holders in place.  The arrow in Figure 2 points to the left latch.  Push up both latches and lift the title holder forward…then release the latches.  You can now pull the title holders up and out in order to load the title strips.  Continue loading the record and its title strip until you can’t load anymore because the record playing mech is in the way.  Turn the jukebox back on and push the reject button located on the back of the jukebox.


It looks like a small nail and is located on the right rear of the jukebox.
Record reject

The base and treble are located on the inside of the lower back door that you opened to remove the power cord.

Base and Treble Adjustment Location

image4-1The two knobs shown have three or four positions for adjustment.  Get the volume on the jukebox at a volume that you like.  Then, set the bass and treble to the position you like.  Note:  Some records will be louder and have more bass and treble than others.  You might have to play a few to get exactly what you will be happy with.  Once you have made this adjustment, close the lower back door and lock it.  This will keep kids from getting hurt if they were to try to get in the rear of the jukebox. You should also keep the dome glass locked to keep people out of the area.

Helpful Hints

1.        Once or twice a year you should get out each record and wipe it with a damp towel.  This will help keep the static down a little on the records.

2.        You should try to play the jukebox at least once a week, and vary the selections being made.

3.        If you don’t play some selections very often, you might have to make the selection more than once to get the selection to play.  Play that selection a few times and it should work better after a few plays.

4.        The jukebox doesn’t know one record from another.  If you are having trouble with 2 or 3 records, it is probably the record.

5.        If the record is not flat, it might rub the sides of the record rack (the record is always partly in the rack).  This will cause the record to drag.

6.        If the jukebox is on carpet, you should try to raise up the jukebox so air can travel under the cabinet.  This helps keep the inside of the cabinet cooler.  Air flows in the bottom and out the screens on the back.

7.        We have tried to set the needle landing and reject.  Some records have a bad beginning groove and the needle will play music right away.  On the other hand, some records are longer than others and might get cut off.  We had to adjust to a normal record or the record might not reject at the end.

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