Vendo-56-Coke-Machine-Coin-MechI am sure that you have discovered pricing all over the board because “restored“ has many different meanings to some people. Below is a chart we created several years ago to help explain the differences.

First, let me say that our restorations are going to be more than most others because of the quality of work and our real Warranties. As a customer once told me, when buying something like this, “What’s a thousand more when you know you are getting the best from a company that welcomes you to visit and see their products and stands behind their products with a real warranty they can support?”

Secondly, we have a 6 to 9 month backlog. This time of year, especially, a lot of people contact us wanting to purchase a machine to give as a present. For this reason, we have designed a program that just may be better than giving the machine immediately!

The way it works is, you select the machine you want. We send you a booklet showing the machine along with an explanation of how we will be restoring the machine, especially for the person receiving the gift. You can then present this booklet to them on the day of your special event.

Vendo-56-Coke-Machine-FrontThen as their restoration progresses, we will email them pictures of what is being done to their machine (thus getting them involved with their personal restoration). The first set of pictures will be emailed once we have completely disassembled the machine so they can see all of the parts. Then about 6 to 8 weeks later we will email them another set of pictures showing all of the parts after they have been powder coated or chrome plated. The third set of pictures will be emailed once the body work is started on the machine. The Fourth set will be sent when the machine has been painted and reassembly has commenced.   A final set will be sent when it is ready to ship.

We then assemble all of the pictures, along with a picture of the recipient and include them in the first chapter of the operator’s manual that comes with the machine, along with the Warranty documentation.

Now they have a permanent history of what was done to their machine!

We have found that people that receive our machine as presents appreciate them much more since their anticipation builds over the restoration period coupled with the fact that it was done especially for them by their loved one.

The other advantage is that you purchase at today’s price with a deposit of 1/3rd and the cost is then spread out over the next 6 to 9 months as the machine is being done. is a wholly owned subsidiary of, Inc.


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