Yvonne’s WD-20

Teaneck, N

“Our customer Dr. Yvonne Thornton wrote a best seller called the “Ditchdiggers Daughter” that was made into the movie.  This is a truly inspirational book!  A couple of years ago, Yvonne s called us and wanted a machine to put outside by her pool.  Although our machines are not made to be out in the open weather (hot sun beating down over time will overwork and burn up the refrigeration), thinking that it was going in a pool house or at least under cover, we failed to mention that it would void the Warranty.   When she called having problems and was such a nice person,  we had our guy build a heavier refrigeration unit and then we installed it in her machine.   I think she is now going to build a  cover to protect it!  She is living proof that companies will go the extra mile for their super nice customers!   Thank you, Yvonne. You can see Dr. Yvonne’s book here: Ditchdiggers Daughter

Our customer says:
Shaun and Damon were just here and they have my “Princess” Coca-cola cooler humming again and cooling again.  I want to again thank you and your crew for being so thoughtful and professional during this entire time.  As a gift for you, I have given Shaun a copy of my bestselling book, “The Ditchdigger’s Daughters” which was made into an award-winning TV movie.  It’s about my Mom and Dad and raising six daughters.  It was featured on Oprah.  I hope you have time to read it and I sincerely hope you like the book. Again, thank you for all that you have done to make my dream come true.

Take care and have a wonderful day!!



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